Welcome to Our New Home!

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Dear Member of Our Jewish Community,

We are so excited to have finally moved into our new Chabad Center at 5410 Trabuco Rd, Suite 130 in North Irvine! It's a beautiful space in a convenient location and a fitting home where we can gather comfortably to celebrate our Judaism, strengthen and grow our community. In this wonderful setting, classes and events for adults and children will be offered to enrich our Jewish education and family. Chabad members will continue to meet here to share ideas, plan events and celebrate holidays. We look forward to seeing you at our new Center!

Many people have expressed a desire to help furnish and donate necessary items to make our new Chabad Center even cozier and more attractive. For your convenience, we have created a wish list for you to participate in this effort. Please take a moment to review the Wish List and consider making a donation to help us begin this new transition.

Click here to donate and let us know specifically what you would like your donation to go toward so we can use your gift appropriately.

We appreciate every gift. All gifts are tax deductible.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you very much for being an important part of our growing community!

Rabbi Elly & Gilah Andrusier

Our New Home's Wish List
Item Quantity Price
Accent Chair x2 Reserved $200
Art Decor Reserved $200
Bima 1 $5,000
Bookcase x2 Reserved $500
Chairs x 50 5 Reserved $50
Chumash x25 Reserved $65
Clock 1 $75
Garbage Pail 1 $300
Shtender/ Podium Reserved $1,000
Siddur x24 Reserved $36
Long Table 3 $85
Seminar Table 7 $120
Tallis Rack Reserved $500
Yizkor Board Dedecation 1


Torah Yad Reserved $1,800
Chafing Dish Reserved $55
Crock Pot Reserved $50
Freezer 1 $1,300
Garbage Pail 1 $75
Hot Water Urn Reserved $40
Refrigerator 1 $1,300
Utility Cart Reserved $100
Becher Reserved $150
Bottle Opener/ Can Opener Reserved TBA
Cutting Board Reserved TBA
Collander Reserved TBA
Cutlery Set 1 $150
Hand Blender Reserved $50
Knives Reserved $100
Ice Bucket 7 $15
Measuring Cups and Spoons Reserved $25
Mini Salt Shaker Reserved $5
Large Soup Pot 1 TBA
Portable Hot Plate 1 $150
Salad Bowl - Large Reserved $60
Salad Bowl - Small 15 $25
Salad Server Set 5 $25
Serving Spoon 10 $20
Serving Tray - Large 4 $25
Serving Tray - Small 10 $15
Electric Burner Reserved $130
Computer Reserved $800
Large Rebbe Picture Reserved $770
Large Tzedakah Box Reserved $250
Mezuzah x6 Reserved $100
Month's Rent 12 $3,500
Phone 1 $100
Room Screen/ Divider 1 $1,900
Signage 1 $150
Janitor Closet 1 $275
Vacuum 1 $250
Light Timers Reserved $50
Light Switch Covers 8 $8
Washing Station 2 $100
Magnets 1 $150
Board Game Set Reserved $100
Card Game Set Reserved $75
Closet for Toys 1 $200
Container for Toys 1 $100
Jewish Book Set 1 $200