Women's Mitzvot 

The Jewish woman has been gifted with three special mitzvot that are the foundation of Jewish 



Kindling Shabbat and Festival Candles

Like the dancing flame of the Shabbat candles, our souls reach out for spiritual realms. The flame is the embodiment of our soul which burns brightly within us inspiring us to connect to our Creator. 

Women and girls across the globe greet the Shabbat by lighting candles 18 minutes before sunset each Friday afternoon. This timing allows us to experience the full potential of Shabbat by bringing in an abundance of blessings.  It is a particularly holy time to reflect and pray for our hearts true desires. We bring peace into our homes and G‑dly energy into our world.




candles.PNG Separating Challah

The word challah actually means to “separate or remove.

​When we bake challah, we “separate” a small piece of dough and recite a blessing. We then burn that piece of dough to remind us that in temple times a portion of dough was given to the priests who worked in the Temple. It is a physical act attached to deep meaning.

Taking Challah makes us aware that all the blessings in our lives come from above. At that moment we pause from the business of our lives. We reflect on what is truly important as our role as Jewish women. This energy nurtures us to continue loving and sustaining our family. We then place the Challah on our beautifully set Shabbat table, preparing for a time when family and friends gather together to celebrate and connect. Shabbat is an oasis in time Challah brings that oasis an unforgettable taste.



Mikvah candles.PNG 

The Mikvah offers the individual, the community, and the nation of Israel the remarkable gift of purification and holiness.​

In Hebrew, natural spring water is called "living water". While in the natural water of the Mikvah we are virtually embraced by G‑d. It is one of the only Mitzvah where one is completely surrounded by the act of doing the Mitzvah itself. The physical process that a woman undergoes represents a psychological, spiritual and emotional birth and rebirth.  It has always been the role of a Jewish wife to set the spiritual tone of her home. So too, it is the Jewish wife who ensures the spiritual dimension of her marriage which can be attained through the performance of the laws of family purity.


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